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Have you written a story you'd like to self-publish, but feel overwhelmed by the challenges faced in bringing your manuscript to life? Authologie provides busy and inexperienced self-publishers with book editing, illustration and book design and formatting, as well as marketing and promotion services, giving you with everything you need to succeed in the publishing world. 

You keep all rights to the book and we never ask for royalty payments. 
We are passionate about developing books so our authors reach their creative potential, achieve their dreams and experience literary success. With our expert support, friendly guidance and pride in everything we create, combined with the passion and enthusiasm you have for telling your story, your book will thrive!  

You can choose from our all inclusive packages, or choose from our pick and mix options, according to the level of service you need. Our team of industry professionals can assist you in every element of self-publishing, with results to compete with traditionally published work.


Don't venture out alone. 
With our comprehensive packages, you will journey with us on your self publishing adventure.

Editing Service

Let our editing team take you through the process from raw idea, to fully fledged manuscript that's ready to go!  

Concept discussions, developmental edits, content editing and line by line edits are included within this package. 

As a final bonus, once your book is set to go, our expert editors will review the final pdfs, checking that everything is where it should be and to ensure your book 

looks it's best for print.

Artwork by our talented illustrator, Eric Castleman.


Illustration Service

Let our illustrators turn your written word to a mesmerisingly illustrated manuscript.

We have amazingly talented industry standard illustrators who work with Authologie. Through our service, art direction, storyboarding, sketch production, rendering and finishing touches will be done to create incredibly enchanting illustrations which engage and enthral readers, illustrations you will be proud of. 

Artwork by our talented illustrator, Shana Keegan.​

SHANA 3.jpg

Design & Formatting Service

Designed to take you from the written word and illustrated imagery, to a striking book that is ready to print.

We will support you through the layout, design and formatting process. We take your concept and manuscript to create a template for your illustrator, then once illustrations are complete, our graphic designers will combine text and illustrations to produce a stunning cover and interior to produce the book you've been dreaming of. You can then take the final files to your printer of choice, or you could choose to use one of our recommended print companies.

Artwork by our talented illustrator, Carla Moreno.​

Marketing Materials & Promotion Service

Once your book is published, you're going to want people to hear about it and to notice your story. This package helps to support you through the marketing process through the creation of marketing materials such as book marks, badges, colouring book pages and social media imagery. We will tailor make your marketing materials to your needs and help you to plan for the best way to use them! We can even manage your social media account and book promotions.

Artwork by our illustration team leader, Lucy Smith.


The team behind Authologie has a pedigree that spans both the corporate and freelance publishing worlds. 

We are a collective of experts who know the tricks, pitfalls and who have the experience to

help you get the very best from your manuscript and beyond. 


Here is a selection of our projects, clients have used either our full book production packages,

or have used a pick and mix approach with our services.

Tate's Purple Tongue by Nicole de Nobriga
The Great Book Switcheroo by Julia Inserro
Let's be the Best of Friends by Emma Alexander
The Rainbow Blots by Carlie Wright
Autism with Lola Playing with Bourbon Badger
Lola's Wobbly Lunchtime by Jodie Isitt
Autism with Lola Activity Book
Open your Eyes Little One by Erin Cress
Tate's Big Birthday by Nicole de Nobriga
Frog Boy by Carolyn Blevins
Let's talk to Mummy's Tummy by Helen A Lacey
Let's Talk About your New Baby Brother or Sister by Helen A Lacey


Tanja Varcelija

To work with Tanja or any of our other incredible illustrators, email


Trust the team behind AUTHOLOGIE to guide you through the self publishing world.

Helen Profile.png

Helen Berry

Project Management, Marketing, Art and Design

Team Lead

Lucy Smith

Project Management, Illustration Team Lead

Lucy Profile.png
Lor Profile.png

Laura Bingham

Project Management, Book Development and Editing Team Lead


We are always looking to expand our pool of publishing experts. If you're a freelance illustrator with proven 

experience and success within the children's book market and are interested in working with AUTHOLOGIE, let us know!

Please send a link to your portfolio which should demonstrate a range of children's book illustrations and details of your published work.

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We are always looking to expand our pool of self publishing experts. If you're a freelance editor, illustrator or graphic designer with proven experience and success within the children's book market and are interested in working with AUTHOLOGIE, let us know!

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