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The 5 stages of Self-Publishing

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Here you are, manuscript in hand, an urge to publish and confusion all around. Where

do you begin? You’re in the right place! How much will it cost? Probably less than you

think. Can you do this? You certainly can! Be reassured that Authologie is here to guide

you through the publishing process.

In the meantime, here’s our quick guide to the 5 key stages of self-publishing...

1. Editing

Editing is vital, an absolute must! It doesn’t matter if you’re an English teacher, best-selling author or grammarian, if they’re your written words, you’re too close to it to edit with objectivity. Our editors at Authologie don’t just check for mistakes in grammar and spellings, they offer developmental edits, giving their professional opinion regarding the content of your manuscript, they offer advice for improving pace, pitch, context, characters and more, they spot plot holes and address any issues they see ahead. This viewpoint is invaluable and absolutely essential. Remember, even the world’s best editors, hire editors for their own work!

2. Illustration

You have the perfect manuscript, it has been edited, read by your target audience, you love it, but more importantly, so does your audience. Now it’s time to bring your manuscript to life! Choosing the perfect illustrator might seem like the most daunting task ahead, that’s where Authologie can help. We have trusted, highly professional, talented and experienced illustrators ready to wave their magic wands, styluses, paint brushes and pencils to bring your vision to life.

3. Layout and Formatting

Here at Authologie, we do things a little topsy turvy at times, rules are meant to be broken, hey? Number 3, is actually our number 2, our graphic design team create preliminary layout plans prior to illustrations - in this way, our experienced illustrators know exactly where to plan their sketches to ensure the most complementary arrangement with the text and formatting parameters. This plan is adaptable, fluid and constantly evolving, but it forms the skeleton around which the flesh of the book can sit.

Then, once the illustrations are completed, the high-resolution files are sent to our experienced graphic designers, and they place images and text together, along with the other less exciting elements such as copyright pages and adding barcodes. Experts in typography, they create striking interiors and covers that will complement the illustrations beautifully. They then format the layout to create your book files ready to send to the printer of your choice.

4. Printing

So… it’s time... you’ve spent months writing, planning, discussing and building your world with Authologie’s help and now, the files are with the printer and it’s time to sit back and await the arrival of your proof.

The proof arrives. It is important to check it from cover to cover. Are the margins okay? Are you happy with the colours? We will help you during this process too. Once it’s finalised, you’re set to go. While the book is being printed, there’s nothing else to do... or is there?

Self-publishing may seem a daunting prospect, but it doesn't need to.

5. To infinity and beyond!

Use this time wisely. You’re going to want to launch your book with gusto and pizazz and again, you’re not on your own with this! We have a marketing department and social media advisors who will guide you through. They can create files for merchandise, produce engaging marketing materials, provide you with launch packs and give 1:1 advice in growing your social media platform and audience. Our advisors come from the world of self-publishing and are themselves social media savvy self-publishing entrepreneurs. With their help you’re set to build a customer and fan base for your books.

Self-publishing can feel lonely, but it doesn’t need to be that way! It’s an incredible adventure to be on. Ask Authologie to hold your hand and we can show you the right paths to travel.

Ask Authologie to get onboard and we will guide you through these exciting paths to self-publishing glory.


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