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The team behind Authologie has a pedigree that spans both the corporate and freelance publishing worlds. 

We are a collective of experts who know the tricks, pitfalls and who have the experience to

help you get the very best from your manuscript and beyond. 

Many hours, weeks, months and often years go into the conceptualising, creating and delivering of a book idea into a fully fledged masterpiece.  The books our authors and Authologie team have published sit on many thousands of bookshelves across the globe. 


Take a look at books created by our authors and the team at Authologie. Clients have used either our full book production packages, or have used a pick and mix approach with our services.


We produce high quality books we are very proud of.  We're sure you'll love them too! 

Tate's Purple Tongue by Nicole de Nobriga
The Great Book Switcheroo by Julia Inserro
Let's be the Best of Friends by Emma Alexander
The Rainbow Blots by Carlie Wright
Autism with Lola Playing with Bourbon Badger
Lola's Wobbly Lunchtime by Jodie Isitt
Autism with Lola Activity Book
Open your Eyes Little One by Erin Cress
Tate's Big Birthday by Nicole de Nobriga
Frog Boy by Carolyn Blevins
Let's talk to Mummy's Tummy by Helen A Lacey
Let's Talk About your New Baby Brother or Sister by Helen A Lacey
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