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The Rainbow Blots are here!

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Here at Authologie, we're extremely excited to let you know that 'The Rainbow Blots' is now available to purchase. We have loved every minute working with the little Blots to help them to tell their story and hope you love it as much as we do!

'The Rainbow Blots' is a children's story time book that teaches the real rainbow colours. In this lovely tale Mummy Blot and her little Rainbow Blots teach children the rainbow colours and there is even an accompanying You Tube video with a catchy song and stunning animation which will get young children singing and learning their colours.

Talented children's author and musician, Carlie Wright, found herself rewriting the traditional 'I can sing a rainbow' song for her children, so that the colours appeared in the correct rainbow colour order. This went on to inspire her to create 'The Rainbow Blots' series, which begins with this brilliant story. Our amazing illustrator Victoria Mikki then brought Carlie's book to life with her imaginative and colourful illustrations and our editing team and book designers worked with Carlie through her self publishing adventure. Take a look at the result...

Here is the amazon link to the paperback!

'The Rainbow Blots' is also available on Amazon Kindle.

'The Rainbow Blots' series teaches children about an important concept in each book. In this first book, 'The Rainbow Blots', the focus is on colour.

Victoria Mikki's illustrations are energetic and fun, perfect for young readers. The Blots are full of fun and mischief.

In 'The Rainbow Blots', each blot introduces themselves and has a selection of favourite things to show the reader. Rainbow colours is the learning focus of this beautiful children's book, cleverly written by Carlie Wright.

Text: Carlie Wright 2021; Illustrations: Victoria Mikki 2021

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