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'The Rainbow Blots' and Fergie!

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Well what an exciting time we have had here at Authologie. 'The Rainbow Blots' by Carlie Wright, illustrated by Victoria Mikki has been met with real love and enthusiasm since publication. This week, 'The Rainbow Blots' have been very busy meeting a member of the British royal family.

Sarah, Duchess of York, loves to share children's books on her social media and YouTube channel. She chose to read 'The Rainbow Blots' on Wednesday and it was such an honour to hear her read and encourage little listeners to engage with the Blots. Our children loved listening, as I'm sure many others will do too.

Sarah, Duchess of York is a much loved children's author herself and began 'Story time with Fergie and Friends' in April 2020 to entertain children during the pandemic. She has featured stories by a wide range of self published and traditionally published authors and has had other royals join in from time to time.

So who are 'The Rainbow Blots'? Talented children's author and musician, Carlie Wright, found herself rewriting the traditional 'I can sing a rainbow' song for her children, so that the colours appeared in the correct rainbow colour order. This went on to inspire her to create 'The Rainbow Blots' series, which begins with this brilliant story. Our amazing illustrator Victoria Mikki then brought Carlie's book to life with her imaginative and colourful illustrations and our editing team and book designers worked with Carlie through her self publishing adventure. Take a look at the result...

Here is the amazon link to the paperback!

'The Rainbow Blots' is also available on Amazon Kindle.

You can listen to Sarah, Duchess of York share 'The Rainbow Blots', on YouTube and visit her Instagram.

Happy reading and listening!

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